Palettes Forest Inc
Cp 329 Succ Bureau-chef
Terrebonne, Quebec J6W 3L5
Telephone: 450-477-0726
Fax: 450-477-9629

Company overview for Palettes Forest Inc

Industry: Pallets & Skids-manufacturers
Supply chain placement: Unknown
Year founded: Unknown
Number of employees: Unknown
Annual sales: CAD $2.5 million

Company profile

Packing cases, wood, nailed or lock corner, manufacturing, Cases, wood packing, nailed or lock corner, manufacturing, Hoops, sawed or split wood for tight or slack cooperage, manufacturing, Pallet parts, wood, manufacturing, Drums, plywood, manufacturing, Shook, box, manufacturing, Heading, barrel (i.e., cooperage stock), wood, manufacturing, Cigar boxes, wood and part wood, manufacturing, Pails, plywood, manufacturing, Coopered tubs manufacturing, Tanks, wood, coopered, manufacturing, Packing ...

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