Zuga International
3495 Boul Des Entreprises
Terrebonne, Quebec J6X 4J9
Telephone: 450-968-1363

Company overview for Zuga International

Industry: Boxes-wooden-manufacturers
Supply chain placement: Boxes Wooden
Year founded: Unknown
Number of employees: 5
Annual sales: CAD $0.5 million

Company profile

Barrel heading and staves manufacturing, Drums, plywood, manufacturing, Cooperage stock mills, Pails, wood, manufacturing, Box cleats, wood, manufacturing, Pallet containers, wood or wood and metal combination, manufacturing, Veneer baskets, for fruits and vegetables, manufacturing, Pails, plywood, manufacturing, Skids and pallets, wood or wood and metal combination, manufacturing, Tanks, wood, coopered, manufacturing, Shook, box, manufacturing, Fruit crates, wood, wirebound, manufacturing, ...

Business opportunities